CSOs getting ready for the G7 Summit. When a character makes a difference.

existence bis.jpgThe Ise Shima G7 Summit will start tomorrow. CSOs are gearing-up. We had media stunt on the SDGs and a press conference will follow; I’ll bring an Italian perspective as it’s us to host next year’s. Getting ready for a press conference is not just about the speaking order. It’s more about a picking the right Chinese character to convey the message: our expectations for the Summit G7. Or, rather, we’re trying to capture what we want the G7 to do here in Japan. Expectations and emotions ranged from happiness and harmony to universality and solidarity. In the end, we agree that “existence” – how to improve and preserved it – is the right message. ldf


The G7 Alternative Summit: this is about us, people’s well-being and development

logo_05May 24th  – joined today the G7 Alernative Summit organized by the Japanese CSO Community in Yokkaichi. I was actually asked to share some messages to bridge this year’s and next year’s Summit, which is to be hosted by Italy. It’d would have not possible not to be impressed by the level of interest and commitment by the participants. The final session was about reporting from the 16 working groups that looked into a wide set of issues from health to youth, from climate changes to the Syria and the refugee crisis. An impressive show of expertise and determination to bring suggestions and concrete proposal in the table. From my end, I shared the feeling their work was clearly pointing to the fact that this whole agenda is about us: development is about people’s wellbeing and people’s interests should be at the centre. The other element was that we’re in this together: by working together we can get our voices heard; this was the case of deb cancellation, global health, food and education initiatives. Thank you Aki, Masaki and the whole lot of colleagues behind this. ldf