The Addis confence is behind us: the moment of truth for international aid.

the-moment-of-truthThe Addis Ababa compromise does nothing to rectify the wrongs: no new commitments to increasing volumes and improving effectiveness. Well, you may claim this is not utterly accurate: the compromise welcomes the EU’s promise to reach the 0,7% target by 2030, fifteen years later than the original deadline; we’ve not heard about others’ commitments. Is this any good? Hardly so, as it teaches the hard lesson: you can fail your promise without paying any toll. Not to speak about the effectiveness agenda. Yeah, the introduction is peppered with references to ownership and transparency, but the thematic sections are inconsequential, so to speak. And it’s not just that: the limited ODA not available will have to abide by the new narrative that commands aid to be spent catalytically through PPPs and blending. With poor global frameworks, the fate of ODA is basically back in the hands of donor countries with the only safeguards to this backwards/inwards trend offered by the UNDCF and the GPEDC. Ldf

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