Post Busan is getting too light in Paris.

14th Feb 2012, The Post Busan Interim Group is meeting this week at the OECD headquarters; the most involved can benefit from the web casting of the proceedings to get a live experience of what is going on
In Busan, the international community endorsed the principle that a post Working Party scenario should be global light and county heavy, and that the new Global Partnership should have “light working arrangements”. What’s up now? In Paris, it seems that they interpreting this argument as means to empty the box and put in place a shallow mechanism. Light is getting too light

The hot issue seems to be  “keeping the political momentum”. If this argument boils down to turning the GPEDC into a meeting of ministers, with the ongoing work in the hands of the OECD and DAC, there is going to be less space for countries and non executive actors. In many ways, this caould  be less participatory than the full WP meetings as  we know then. Even the idea of holding GPEDC meetings back to back to other key events has its own downsides: GPEDC would quite easily turn into a side event and lose any traction.